Beyond the Crisis

Community Outreach


Since 2010 CFTC has been doing outreach in the Wiley B. McMillan Recreation Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  CFTC has made inroads in that community due to services being delivered in the convenience of their own neighborhood. 

While delivering services through the McMillan community center we learned that the environment was conducive to recidivism due to poor social economic conditions.  CFTC quickly found that the youth were at a high risk in light of scarce resources.  In response to the need CFTC embarked on a mission to provide therapeutic, transitional housing for youth ages 15-24.  These homes will provide mental health services, educational services, job training among other services. Our goal is to provide therapeutic housing for these youth, while providing needed services to them and their families. 


The services that we offer the families include case management and referral services for the youth and their family. The areas we target are Education, Mental Health, Job training, Personal Development and Transitional Housing.  

We coach individuals with programs such as life skills, mentoring, and counseling.  Our job readiness and soft skills include: apprentice  programs, job search and placement, and professional certification. Family services are given via our community partnerships.   


Christ for the Crisis recognizes that churches are in need of these services and are abundant in resources.  We aim to collaborate with community churches in assisting them with their congregation's social services needs as well as gain assess to the resources that can better help our clientele in a time of crisis. 

CFTC has been an asset to several churches engaging them in the following manner:

*referral services

*community outreach events


*volunteer opportunities

In the future we would like to expand our collaboration by including social service information sessions and training and establishing a satellite office where church members can assess services efficiently.  


 CFTC is an organization where  volunteers (professionals, skilled workers, etc. ) can feel like they are giving back to the community as well as answering the call to Serve.