Beyond the Crisis

Christ for the Crisis can be an asset to your church.  CFTC would also like to engage your church in our efforts in the following manner:§  CFTC is a community service organization and would like to be used as an asset to the church via trainings and satellite office.§  The ministry of CFTC would like to be used as a tool for young men and women in crisis in need help.  

**Services can also be rendered to the immediate family to help with reunification efforts.
§  CFTC would like to be a ministry site where people in the church can have a place to serve.
§  CFTC would like to provide our resources to the church body as needed.
§  CFTC will provide free marketing to the church while promoting the organization and our events in the community.
§  CFTC also needs support from the church:o    Volunteers
§  Skilled workers and contractors, construction workers, etc.
§  Fundraising opportunities
§  Community Center programs
§  Licensed professionals (therapeutic services)o    Announcements on Sunday
§  One Sunday service – Utilize 5 minutes and explain what CFTC is doing and how to involve the church.
§  Sunday morning church service announcements for upcoming CFTC events o    

We would like to partner with Christian businesses to help get needed supplies.  Church member owned businesses are our priority dealers when purchasing inventory.  We can market their businesses as an ongoing support to our ministry partners.